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Great news! State Legislation Announced

If you missed our Vote the Boundary Waters event yesterday with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Al Franken, we had breaking news to share with you!

Minnesota State Representatives Kelly Morrison and Jim Davnie and other Boundary Waters Champions plan to introduce legislation during next year’s legislative session that would ban sulfide-ore copper mining in the headwaters of the Boundary Waters, Canada’s Quetico Park, and Voyaguers National Park.

We need to make sure we have Boundary Waters Champions elected so we can pass a bill to protect the Boundary Waters, Voyageurs and the Quetico for future generations of paddlers.The Boundary Waters Action Fund has targeted ads running in every corner of Minnesota. We are recruiting our supporters to help at candidate phone banks. We have launched a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program for our tens of thousands of supporters across Minnesota, urging them to vote for our Boundary Waters Champions.

Please donate now so we can maximize our efforts to elect a Boundary Waters Champion majority in the Minnesota Legislature. This will provide the best opportunity to pass legislation permanently banning sulfide-ore copper mining in the headwaters of the Boundary Waters, Voyageurs, and Quetico.

Thank you for joining the fight to protect our Boundary Waters!

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