Joe Sestak Backs Boundary Waters Protection

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

September 23, 2019

Sestak joins Elizabeth Warren in pledging protection for Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness

Des Moines, IA – Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Sestak joined Elizabeth Warren in pledging protection for Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Wilderness from the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining. The Boundary Waters, America’s most popular Wilderness, is currently under attack from Chilean mining conglomerate Antofagasta’s Twin Metals project, a sulfide-ore copper mine proposed right on the Wilderness edge.

The Obama Administration terminated the project after a thorough scientific review determined the mine posed an almost certain risk of “irreparable harm” to the Wilderness, but the Trump Administration revived the project after Antofagasta’s owner, Andronico Luksic, bought a Washington, DC, mansion and rented it to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The administration has since cancelled environmental reviews and used unlawful legal maneuvers to push the project forward.

“We’re excited that Joe Sestak is joining the growing chorus of voices pledging Boundary Waters protection,” said Alex Falconer, Boundary Waters Action Fund Director. “The Boundary Waters Action Fund has been working with campaigns for the last month to educate them on the threat to the Wilderness and the importance of establishing strong protections through science-based federal policy.”

Seventy percent of Minnesota voters do not want sulfide-ore copper mining near the Boundary Waters, including 91 percent of Democrats.

In Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, where the mine would be located, nearly 80 percent of Democrats are opposed. Overall, 56 percent of Eighth Congressional District voters are opposed, while only 39 percent are in support.

The Action Fund is asking campaigns to make clear statements on this issue so the public can make informed decisions when it comes time to decide whom they will support. To date the Action Fund has nearly 4,000 Iowa supporters and continues to activate supporters in Iowa and other states.