Job Opening: Distributive Organizer

Updated: Jun 4

Duration: Full-Time, Limited Duration position ending 11/31/20

Context: The Boundary Waters Action Fund is leading the political movement to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) by building grassroots strength in order to influence candidates for political office to be champions for the Boundary Waters in order to prevent sulfide-ore copper mining in the Boundary Waters watershed. The Boundary Waters Action Fund is an affiliated organization of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters and is an IRS recognized 501(c)4 organization.

The Boundary Waters Action Fund (BWAF) is hiring a Distributive Online Organizer to prepare the infrastructure for and execute distributive political activity during the election cycle.

Scope: The Distributive Online Organizer will work with internal BWAF leadership, consultants, and Boundary Waters supporting volunteers to build a strong Minnesota and Midwest regional online volunteer recruitment, training, and mobilization program. The mobilization program will focus on using distributed organizing models to leverage key strategic program tactics, phonebanks, and textbanks in support of endorsed candidates.

Main Position Activities:

  • Builds and manages a distributed volunteer network to execute the direct voter contact program (including texting, phone banking and canvassing) that will elect Boundary Waters champions and build the grassroots movement to protect the Boundary Waters in targeted legislative districts.

  • Creates and manages training materials for volunteers and activists to support direct voter contact programs.

  • Create and track a candidate score card evaluating candidates responses to questionnaires and their public responses to the threat of sulfide-ore copper mining in the BWCA watershed

  • Uses mobile and other online tools, including broadcast SMS and peer-to-peer tools, to communicate with members and supporters to support various campaign activities. Trains and enables organizers, volunteers, and activists to use these tools effectively in their work.

  • Works across departments to plan and run experiments to test new and innovative distributed organizing strategies and tactics.

  • Continually finds ways to identify and recruit/convert new supporters, reach new and diverse audiences online and get them involved and excited in online programs.

  • Reaches out and engages online volunteers to assist targeted campaigns, build power and raise funds. Builds and cultivates a distributed network of volunteer organizers to support BWAF initiatives and programs.

  • Organizes and coordinates training events, strategy sessions, digital field meetings and townhalls, visibility events.

  • Assists with the coordination of vendors as appropriate.

  • Performs miscellaneous duties as directed

Salary is in the range of $4000 per month, depending on experience. Includes employee sponsored health plan option, and a cell phone use stipend. The position does not need to be located in Minnesota.

Please send a cover letter, resume and 3 references to with "Organizer Application" in the subject line