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DFL caucus instructions:

Head to to find if your caucus is in person or virtual.

  • If in person - take note of the time and location

    • Print out our resolution and submit

    • During the caucus please volunteer to become a delegate to the upcoming conventions! Delegates get to vote to pass resolutions on to the state level to be passed into the Party Platform

  • If virtual - take note of the Caucus Chair  email provided to send resolution and non-attendee form

    • Download our resolution

    • Download the non-attendee form. Please request to become a delegate so you can vote at the next level to advance our resolution!

    • Fill out your information on both and submit to the Chair identified in the caucus finder


DFL Caucus Resolution Form:

DFL non-attendee form for those caucusing virtually:

GOP Caucus instructions

All GOP Caucuses will be held in person. 

  • Head to to find your location

  • Print off our resolution and bring it to your caucus to submit

  • Please become a delegate to vote to help advance the resolution during the next conventions!


GOP Caucus Resolution Form:

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